Juilliard String Quartet - Alban Berg - Suite lirica per quartetto d'archi

2-4 work days Europe / 4-7 work days other destination countries

Hemiolia Master Tape CLASSICAL collection - 1/4" 2 tracks - 15 ips (38 cm/sec) - tape RTM SM900 premium high output studio tape - catalogue nr. HRCLA21000114C


It is the first title that inaugurates the new "Classical" collection, dedicated to the great historical performers and created to reproduce in Master Tapes format important works already published in the past by international record labels.

We are pleased to announce the official collaboration agreement we have reached with the ERMITAGE record label, which has granted for this project the use of the precious original analogue tapes of its historical archive, until today jealously preserved in France with great care.

Great performers and important titles will enrich this collection in the future by offering you the possibility of an excellent listening through the Hemiolia Master Tapes expertly remastered by Pietro benini in our studio in full analogue domain.


Robert Mann - Violin

Earl Carlyss - Violin

Samuel Rhodes - Viola

Claus Adam - Cello

Alban Berg (1885-1935)

Suite lirica per quartetto d'archi

1 - Allegretto gioviale (03:04)

2 - Andante amoroso (06:12)

3 - Allegro misterioso - Trio estatico (03:11)

4 - Adagio appassionato (06:16)

5 - Presto delirando (04:47)

6 - Largo desolato (06:20)

(Total lenght : 30:20)

Recorded August, 24, 1970  in Ascona (CH) at  "Chiesa del Collegio Papio"

Radio Televisione della Svizzera Italiana - rete 2