reel TWO-Live concert LUCIANO PAVAROTTI reel two

2-4 work days Europe / 4-7 work days other destination countries

Hemiolia Master Tape PRESTIGE collection - 1/4" 2 tracks - 15 ips (38 cm/sec) - tape RTM SM900 premium high output studio tape - catalogue nr. HRPRE18000076P


Track list:

  1. Non ti scordar di me (E. DE CURTIS - D. FURNO') - 3:46

  2. La mia canzone al vento (C.A. BIXIO - B. CHERUBINI) - 3:35

  3. È la solita storia del pastore (from l'Arlesiana - F.CILEA) - 4:06

  4. Una furtiva lagrima (from L'elisir d'amore - G.DONIZETTI) - 4:05

  5. E lucevan le stelle (from Tosca - G.PUCCINI) - 2:39

  6. Mamma (C.A. BIXIO - B. CHERUBINI) - 3:34

  7. Tra voi belle, brune e bionde (from Manon Lescaut - G.PUCCINI) - 1:50

  8. 'O sole mio (E. DI CAPUA - A. MAZZUCCHI) - 3:50

  9. Nessun dorma! (from Turandot - G. PUCCINI) - 3:35

          Total time: 31:00

“All artists are a little bit superstitious, it helps to ease the tension”. For example, i am used to look for a bent nail before going on stage because once it brought me very good luck”

Luciano Pavarotti

There was also something else that the Master and his entourage never forgot to do before each concert, or ask the technicians a record of the whole music program on magnetic tape that was then collected at the end of the night.

All those tapes have been jealously kept for many years in the Master's archives and, later, in the archives of the Foundation dedicated to him but they have suffered the aggression and harmful consequences of the passing time.

Thanks to the collaboration with our company, the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation has undertaken the ambitious project to recover this wide musical archive that today Hemiolia is able to make available to all the passionate fans of the unforgettable tenor.

It is an artistic and historical heritage of huge value which also contains many unpublished works and material heard only by the Maestro himself that come from different concerts performed in different locations throughout the world.

The tapes, all of them two stereo tracks but with different technical characteristics in terms of support used, equalization and speed of recording, have undergone a meticulous restoration from a structural and physical point of view since the years had made their weight felt and most were damaged by bonding phenomena and in some cases affected by mold too.

Later, the skilled hands of Pietro Benini did the rest with a sophisticated, long and difficult work.

Using only state of the art analog devices, partly vintage and partly current, sixteen single tracks have been separated and re-opened from the two original tracks (8 for the left channel and 8 for the right channel), by using a Studer A80 2” recorder for transferring - 16 tracks, completely customized by our technicians.

The single tracks obtained have then been treated with a demanding one-by-one process, later  remixed to create a ¼ " production master on tape generated by an Otari MTR15 recorder without using any compander.

It took months of continuous work in the Hemiolia study to complete the work and create this Master tape.

It was a great effort to give all the fans an instrument that goes far beyond the already huge historical and artistic value of its content by generating, during its listening, sensations and emotions that closing our eyes have the ability to materialize, in front of us, the presence of an artist who will always remain unique for his talent and charisma.